Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.

- Ambrose Redmoon

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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Xtra Special Delivery Unit

As soon as we decided on CHOP, we spoke to a wonderful case manager Jill.  She was so helpful and got us in right away.  The Special Delivery Unit is on the 6th floor.  The same as the CICU and the CCU.  That means that your only a small wheelchair ride away from your baby after delivery. We waited in a beautiful waiting room.   I did everything I could to keep calm.  All I could think was.."they are going to tell us that everyone else was wrong..his heart is perfect."  The echo tech was awesome.  She kept talking about when Xavier was born and when he turned one and when he started dating.  It made me smile and took some of the edge off.  After running all the test, they moved us into a little conference room.  Nate and I both agreed that this was the hardest part.  Any minute now that door was going to open and we were going to hear how things were looking.  I feared hearing that they had found something else wrong..with his heart or another organ.  I know I cried and I am pretty sure we didn't say a word.  The team consisted of Jill, a social worker Jennifer and a cardiologist.  They confirmed the diagnosis and said that it looked like a straight forward HLHS case, except for some blood that was getting to the left side.  The cardiologist said that it could be nothing or it might cause some issues after birth.  After that we made an appointment to come back in a month.  I was instructed to keep seeing my OBGYN and Dr. Fernandez while at home.  We kept going back to CHOP.  And things continued to look the same.  Each visit we would see something different.  A tour of the ICU, where I would deliver, a tour of the CCU.  It took a lot of the wondering away.  We felt at home.  Like we were part of the family.  They took good care of me while I was pregnant.  I will forever be grateful!!

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